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a tidy shopSome are huge.  Cavernous. You may need a road map and a GPS device to find your way around in them.

Others are tiny.  Places barely large enough to serve as a storage facility for your tools and materials.

Be they huge or tiny, our shops are our retreats from the everyday grind.  Places we can go to in order to escape the family, the bills, the job, the neighbors and connect with the craft we love.

This week, I want to know just how large your sanctuary is.  Whether it’s a converted basement, a garage that hasn’t seen a car in years or a detached building, share with us just what sized space you are working in.

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4 thoughts on “Quick poll”

  1. I’ve put it in the 25-45 square meters but perhaps I should have written just 0. Still a (snow filled) hole in the ground at this point

  2. I have technically 1200 sf, but that’s my whole garage. The ‘shop’ is in such a mess right now that I perhaps have equipment in a third of it. Eventually I’ll get things situated where I can do my work and share the space with one and perhaps two cars (it’s a 3 car garage).

    Of course, that will really have to start with real walls … hard to use wall space when it’s a mix of insulation and studs:)

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