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Protect these babies!When we think of workplace safety, things like hearing and eye protection typically come to mind.  Or, is it hold downs, feather boards and push sticks?  Dust collection? Not drinking before you operate power tools?

My point is that we often overlook one very important part of shop safety – what we’re wearing on our feet.  There are lots of hazards that could affect us down there – from dropped objects to stepping on sharp items.  And then there’s the slipping hazards, splashed chemicals and other concerns.

If a foot or both feet are hurt, you could be out of the shop for quite a long time.

This week, let us know what kind of footwear you slip on before you head out to the shop.

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4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Tom – I fully understand the safety issue of wearing the proper foot ware while in the shop – most of my career I had to wear steel toed boots. But having a concrete floor in the shop and a sever case of planter fasciitis – I found that wearing Crocs was a life saver and allowed me to work in the shop for hours without the regular pain that I was experiencing before. For me this is a case of needed comfort instead of safety. I suspect others have to go this way too.

  2. Tom, Comfort is by far the most important consideration for me. My legs often hurt after a day on the concret floor. I would be interested in any shoes your readers have found that reduce leg pain. I guess I am looking for a shoe that would be good for someone who works all day on their feet, like a waiter or waitress.


  3. After 36 years of wearing steel toed shoes, I thank them for still having my feet. In 1968 Two crane operators tipped a 22,000 pound die on my right foot. It pushed the steel toe cap down into the wood floor but saved my foot. I broke my big toe. I can still walk. Yes you bet I wear them in the shop. They saved me once and who knows.

  4. I’ve got a scar on my big toe from when I was a kid. I was helping my Dad move a sheet of plywood in my bare feet, lost my grip and it came down hard. Now, I’m just more careful. In the winter I usually wear a pair of slip ons out to the shop and in the summer I’m always barefoot. I pay attention, just like when I walk around in the yard (I have three dogs);)

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