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Using wood fillerIt never fails… you get to the end of that tough project, and you begin to scrape, sand and plane the wood to get ready for finishing.

That’s when you notice it.  That little gap in that joint that you were sure you had closed during the glue up.  Now what?

A lot of woodworkers turn to wood fillers to bring their work to perfection.  Whether you buy a commercial product, mix sawdust and glue or use a wax stick after the finish is applied, there are lots  of options that can help bring your piece to looking more perfect.

Heck, I think that some of my earlier projects were more wood filler than wood!

Wood fillers, however, do have a certain stigma attached to them.  I mean, if your work was perfect, you wouldn’t need them, would you?

So, this week, let us know what your thoughts are on wood fillers. Are they useful in your shop, or do you turn your nose up at the mere mention of them?

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2 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I love the stuff. I’ve used it a few times for work around the house, and it made a huge difference. As for woodworking projects, I’d hold no shame in using it … unfortunately, I hear that it doesn’t work as well with finishes (especially compared to the wood it’s filling).

    So, I would expect that over time my use of it would decline (at least I hope I don’t suck as much in a few years — right??). But it’s always there as an option. Besides, we just paint everything right? =:O

  2. Believe me, I’ve painted my share! 😀

    I have had to turn to it occasionally, but I have found that using the sawdust and glue mix works better than the commercial products..

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