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Christmas.  Hanukkah.  Kwanzaa.

If you haven’t checked your calendar recently, you’ll notice that we are in the middle of November.  These and many other holidays are coming quickly.

And, when those holidays roll around, woodworkers everywhere head to their shops to crank out gifts – both large and small – for friends, relatives and co-workers.  Cutting boards, clocks, small boxes… the number of gifts crafted in shops is pretty staggering.

However, a lot of us like to procrastinate (I was considering giving up procrastination, but I’ll get to it tomorrow) and wait until the last minute.  Remember, it takes time to get materials, cut and craft the pieces, let finish dry – and then many of them need to be shipped!

So, this week’s poll deals with building gifts for the holiday season.  Are you already done with your projects or do you need more time?

Just to provide you a little more motivation, here’s a little countdown clock until Santa pays us a visit…

Christmas Countdowns

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