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OK, so we all need sharp tools to do our best work.  But, there are many ways to get to that goal.  What’s your preferred method to sharpen your blades?

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7 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I used to do this on the sidewalk, but the tearout on end grain was terrible… And I did have to use very large mallets to drive home the chisels!

    I finally got familiar with Scary Sharp, and was able to start using hand planes a bit. But not until the last few years.

  2. Send them to a wonderful friend who will get them nice and shiny and sharp, and then I will use scary sharp to keep them that way. In a pinch, I’ll use my brother’s new Work Sharp.


  3. It’s a process…Grinder (if needed)-325 grit diamond – then 800,1000,6000 waterstones,then leather strop.Used to stay at one grit until I thought it was time to move onto next stone. Now 20-25 strokes then move on. Getting too old to spend that much time on ’em! Keep having fun…………

  4. I think the most appropriate answer is all of the above. I use my Tormek for my turning tools because I can repeat angles nicely. I use water stones for my chisels and final 8000 grit on anything. I use oil slip stones and ceramic stones for my carving chisels and knifes and a leather strop. What can I say, I can’t decide on a style of woodworking to specialize in.

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