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Simpson Strong Tie DIY Page

Simpson Strong Tie Work benchSo, you have to build yourself a workbench, but you don’t have the time, skill or money to construct one of those could- double – as- an- altar- in- some- minor- woodworking- religion workbenches you see in woodworking magazines.

Never fear. If you can cut some 2×4’s and drive screws, you can build yourself a very decent workbench for a small investment of time and money.

Simpson Strong Ties, the folks who make hurricane tie-downs and other metal construction connectors, have a line of hardware that can allow you to build shelves, bins and workbenches. Their DIY page has all the plans and cut lists you need to put together a shop full of storage and work surfaces in an afternoon.

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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the comments!

    Finding these links is kinda fun. My kids like to go on treasure hunts – I guess I’m just like ’em, a kid at heart!

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