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George Nakashima, Woodworker

George NakashimaWoodworking master George Nakashima’s influence is still felt in the works he created and at the furniture shop run by the craftsmen who continue his tradition.

After being held in a Japanese Interment camp in Idaho during World War II, George went on to build his reputation and legend. Before his passing in 1990, he received the Third Order of the Sacred Treasure from the Emperor and Government of Japan in recognition of the cultural exchange generated by his work and exhibits.

His work focused on the natural forms and lines in wood, frequently using the waney edge of through-sawn logs as table tops and other important furniture components. Powerful, organic and harmonious are some of the more apt descriptions of his final products.

Today, the talented artisans he trained carry on his work, designing spectacular pieces from the felling of the tree to the final hand-applied finish. Just a look at the gallery of the incredible furniture can serve as an excellent inspiration.

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