5 thoughts on “Quick Poll – 2/10 results”

  1. Hey Tom,

    A sticky question indeed, because my “favorite” would depend on what I’m gluing up, and why. Each glue has it’s own quality suited to the application.

    I wouldn’t use CA glue for veneering. I wouldn’t use PVA glue for anything under a bending strain, like a longbow. I wouldn’t use epoxy for anything that may need future disassembly, like a chair. I wouldn’t use hide glue for anything that would get wet, like a boat.

    I think I’ll pass on this poll, and see what you come up with next, sorry.


  2. Hey Tom glad to see someone reaching out. I agree with all that is said, but to just get to a quick answer it’s titebond 111. I just go thru it more than anything else that’s all.

  3. Hey Tom, I agree with Tom(the not you version:p)).
    But, for the day to day Titebond II. Love the new “Woodworker Profiles”. You’re introducing me to a lot of new faces. BTW, Your beer’s gettin’ warm.

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