Quick Poll – 1/6 results

The results are in!

What’s your favorite method of joining face frames?

Pocket screws 54%
Mortise and tenon 19%
Biscuits 12%
Half laps 6%
Dowels 5%
Beadlock 2%
Other 2%
Through screws 1%

125 Votes Total

Well, it’s pretty evident that pocket screws are the preferred method for most. However, the older, tried-and-true mortise and tenon is still practiced by about one in five woodworkers!

The only method listed under other was by Marc Spagnulo – that lucky duck uses the Festool Domino.

3 thoughts on “Quick Poll – 1/6 results”

  1. Tom, I went with the pocket screws, assuming these were for regular cabinets and not a furniture piece that happened to involve faceframes. If it is a furniture piece then I’d go with mortise and tenon.
    And lots of brad nails:D

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