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Weasel away the ideas

Good morning. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Gino D. Weasel, and I am one of the regular shop weasels who loves to keep Tom and Iggy on their toes.

Gino D. Weasel at your service

You have no doubt read of my exploits, and you know that my brethren and sisteren (?) enjoy nothing more than to hide tools. (Well, we also enjoy vanilla ice cream and Barry Manilow songs, but that’s another post for another day. After all, we can’t smile without him…) Since Iggy has cleaned up Tom’s shop, I need fresh territory to plunder from, and believe me, I found just the place.

The bookshelf

Just look at this mess. Tom has been subscribing to woodworking magazines and buying woodworking books since many years before I was just a wee pup. They are a great resource, full of plans, techniques, tool reviews and woodworking wit and wisdom. But, man, he has absolutely no idea what’s buried in here.

Hidey Hole

Not only is the bookshelf packed, there is a SECOND hidey hole off to the side of his TV where he stashes even MORE woodworking goodies. Articles he printed from – get this – America Online when that was a big deal. I hear stories about it…

You've Got Mail!

The funniest part is that I know both Tom and Iggy frequently refer back to this library of goodies. Now, wouldn’t it be funny if I had my way with the items in here and made a few of the more frequently referenced materials just – I dunno – vanish? ¬†Oh, that would be worth tons of laughs for me!

Take this one for a drag

So, here’s the deal, Tom and Iggy. You guys need to go through your reference materials and get them cleaned up, or they will continue to disappear just when you need them most. In fact, I’ll start with this book from this other Goombah woodworker. No one will miss this one!

Might I suggest, perhaps, that you be a little altruistic and consider donating some of these moldy oldies to the local library, or find a shop class that could use a little reference material for the students? Not a terrible idea if I say so myself.

Of course it’s a good idea. I’m a weasel, and that’s my job!

(A special thanks to Steven Iovino for his hard work on this post.)