Looking ahead for holidays

Gosh, we are just a little bit less that one week from Halloween …


Which, of course, means that all of the stores put their holiday displays up about four weeks ago, right after they pulled the back to school stuff off the shelves.

shop 'til you drop

And, just as merchants need to plan ahead for the busiest season of the year, so do we woodworkers!  To help with this effort, it’s time to bring back the ever-popular Last Minute Elf event!


If you have been here in years past, you know what this is all about – we are in the last week of October, and you think you have TONS of time to go out and build a project or projects for the loved ones on your list. It’s going to be something over the top impressive, and you just know everyone’s going to just be wowed.

inspiration, please strike!

Only, of course, to find yourself totally stressed out in your shop the last few nights before you have to give the gift trying to figure out what to build in the first place.

What we’re looking for is for you guys to share your ideas for simple projects to build that don’t require a lot of time, material or crazy advanced skills to build or execute. Be sure to send a photo, a few dimensions and some simple instructions on how to build the piece. Maybe a few words on how the project was to build or why it was so important for you to build it.

Iggy will check out each of the projects, and for the week of December 7 – 11, we will feature the winning entries on this blog. If your project is chosen by my furry friend, I will beg, borrow or plead for a few gifts from my sponsors and anyone else who wants to help with the effort.  I will keep everyone up to date on what we come up with.

Be sure to send your entries to iggy@tomsworkbench.com, and be sure to put Last Minute Elf 2015 in the subject line.

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