Stuff I’ve built

The round coffee table

Here in Florida, there are license plates that go on about the endless summer we experience.


But, as you know, I promised Rhonda that this was going to be the summer of coffee tables, and I was glad that I was able to meet the deadline.

The Cotterman capped off the back room with a large, rectangular table built from construction-bin-sourced clear southern yellow pine, featuring a bottom shelf for storing games and other goodies.

The table, top view

The front table I wanted to be a bit more refined. As you can see, I opted to not put storage in this table, as the front entertainment center expanded our storage considerably. Also, our front room isn’t all that large to begin with, so by shrinking the dimensions a bit, I am able to make walking around the table a little easier.

flared legs

This is how the flared legs look in place. By keeping the outside points of the legs inside the diameter of the table top, I can reduce the number of stubbed toes someone is going to have to endure.

Made of some gorgeous walnut, I hope that this table serves us well for years to come. In fact, Rhonda and I may need to start looking to replace the couch up front to something a little snazzier to match how nice the table looks.

Next up, some good family news for a change. Developments which will require the services of a woodworker. But, the details will have to wait for a later post!

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