Fired up

Coming back from Woodworking in America is one of those experiences which if you aren’t pumped to get into the shop, you either aren’t a woodworker or you you may need to visit a doctor.

Of course, there were tools like you wouldn’t believe at the marketplace…

De Planes!


There were also some great instructors sharing their knowledge with the attendees.

Underhill and the Schwarz

Who knew that Roy Underhill could operate a video camera?

David Marks

You know you have arrived in the woodworking world when someone as renowned as David Marks stops what he’s doing at his instruction bench (doing some awesome gilding, by the way) and asks, “Is that the famous Tom Iovino of Tom’s Workbench?” You could have knocked me over with a feather.


On, no, wait… that was the awe I was in looking at the gorgeous turned vessel he was passing around. My bad…  (I guess there’s a reason why he’s so darned renowned!)

Ahhh, Megan

There was the ever gracious host of the event – Megan Fitzpatrick of Popular Woodworking – who answered my slew of obnoxious questions with quite a few zingers of her own.

The MWA recording

Dyami Plotke and I got a chance to lay down episode number 80 of the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast from the expo floor. Nothing quite like having your own heckling crew on hand for an interview!

Cut those tenons

And, as always, one of the best parts of the event was seeing the spark being lit in the eyes of the next generation of woodworkers. I don’t think this young lady realized that she was holding a Bad Axe tenon saw in her hands, but I get the idea that from here on out, she’s going to want nothing but the finest for her hand sawing.

Mmmm, ribs...

Oh, and the simple fact that we were in Kansas City, home to some of the country’s most amazing barbecue, didn’t hurt either.

Now, what to build next?

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